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SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Licences

All users can view, interact, and share reports in SAP BusinessObjects by default. Users who are creating new content, or who need to amend the query of a report, will require an Advanced License.

Getting an Advanced Licence

If you are eligible for an Advanced Licence, just call us on 0131 6509299 or apply using our simple Advanced Licence Webform.

To be eligible for an Advanced Licence, you will need:

  • Approval: from the business area whose data you will be using to create and modify reports. You should request this directly from them; they will arrange your access to be updated.
  • Training: You must also attend the 'Getting Started with SAP BusinessObjects' and 'SAP BusinessObjects Advanced' course. Book your place through MyEd. After finishing both courses you will be placed on the published Advanced User Register.

No courses available?

If the course you wish to attend is fully booked, please add yourself to the waiting list for it, and we will endeavour to run extra sessions as required.

If you urgently require training, but there are no courses running soon enough, you can self-train by:

  • Downloading and working through the course handbooks. These are available via the "Download Course Handbook" link in the Course Overview section below.
  • Note that you must physically attend the courses to be eligible for an Advanced Licence.
  • Please add yourself to the waiting list anyway, so we can assess demand.

Advanced Licence vs Standard User Licenses

The only real difference between Advanced and Standard users is that Advanced users have a licence that allows them to create content in Webi and Explorer.

  Standard Licence Advanced Licence

View and refresh content

Amend layout and formatting

Download to Excel ✔ *
Schedule a report for automatic delivery
Create a new report based on a universe X
Create a new report based on a local data source (Excel upload) X
Amend the query of an existing report X
Create and publish an Explorer Space X




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