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Information, support, guidance and training on supported tools for events.

About supported tools for online and digital events

The University has seen a substantial upturn in the number of online initiatives being requested or developed, many as a replacement or additional element for in-person physical events. Demand for hybrid or digitally enabled events is expected to become commonplace.

The need to provide up to date guidance and technical support for those developing and undertaking online events has been identified. The Online and Digital Events Service has been developed to address this. The service aims to deliver a business IT service (technology, guidance, training and support) which will support any part of the University needing to set up and hold online events. 

This will include collation of supported services and tools that enable online and digital events such as; remote and online meetings, interviews, group meetings, workshops, interactive events, and conferences.

The Online and Digital Events Service also offers an Event Management Service exclusively for Microsoft Teams Live Events. For more information about this service, contact the IS Helpline.

Numbers (max)
Video Capacity
Microsoft Teams

300 (increases to 1000 with the introduction of webinars)



Desktop - 9 videos by default or 98 if large gallery mode is enabled

Browser - 4 participant videos

Standard University video conference and collaboration platform. Fully integrated into University infrastructure and highly secure.  Preferred platform for all non-teaching video meetings and collaborations.  Now has presenter video modes and breakout rooms.

Microsoft Teams Webinars 1000 interactive, with overflow live-streaming to 10,000 view-only attendees

10+ Panelist/Presenter Videos

Browser - 4 Panelist/Presenter videos.

Webinars are now available to all users with an A3 license. 

Benefits of Webinars are:

  • Customisable registration forms for attendees. 
  • Clearer roles for organiser, presenter and attendee
  • Present to larger audiences than Teams meetings
Microsoft Teams Live Events


(increases through June 30, 2023)

1 presenters video is shown at a time but producers can easily switch between videos.

Enhanced University video conference and collaboration platform. Fully integrated into University infrastructure and highly secure.  Preferred platform for larger / complex non-teaching video meetings and collaborations.  Requires special production team training for pre-setup and practice events.  Consider Teams Webinars could offer a more cost effective solution with a better experience for both your audience and presenters.

Blackboard Collaborate 250 (500 with additional notice) Up to 25 videos streams

Primary platform for teaching activities. Collaborate should be used in all cases for teaching as it is fully integrated into LEARN, it is secure and contains the updated class lists and other features needed for the effective support and administration of classes. 

All Staff and Students can also create and access Blackboard Collaborate sessions directly in the Collaborate channel in MyEd.

Zoom (Enterprise)


49 videos

An alternative for video conferencing and collaboration. For collaboration, especially where external participants specify Zoom. 

If you need to host a webinar then you might be interested to know that Teams has Webinar 1000  (including participant registration and presenter modes) built in and is available for you to use for free with your University account.  This includes: 

  • a custom branded registration option,
  • Audience Q&A (coming soon),
  • presenter modes,
  • up to 10K view-only audience

For details see "Teams Webinars" section at

Need to host a webinar in Zoom? A webinar option for 500 or 1000 audience is possible as an add-on but must be purchased.  Licesnses are assigned to individuals and charged at a monthly rate, however a minimum annual term may apply (without any rebate for no-usage) with the University's software contract.  For details Enquire via   


EventsAir Unlimited (but EventsAir need to be informed if there are over 5000 attendees expected) 4 webinars can run concurrently

EventsAir is a platform which provides end-to-end management for large scale online events (such as conferences or open days). The EventsAir platform provides services beyond the other platforms, such as communications and registration management, exhibitor stands, multiple webinar sessions, breakout and networking capabilities within each event and University of Edinburgh (and individual School) branding. 

Skype for Business (now retired - you should use Teams instead)
- -

Microsoft are retiring Skype for Business, you should use Microsoft Teams now.

From May 2021, the University switched to Teams Only. In July, the Skype for Business app will be removed from desktops and the software centre.

Not sure which tool to use?

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