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MyEd Upgrade

The MyEd portal is undergoing an upgrade to provide a more user-friendly interface.

Preview image of MyEd upgrade

Date: 28 June 2017

MyEd will be at risk on the day of the upgrade. See the IS service alert for further details on availability.

Main improvements

  • An updated look & feel to better match the University website
  • Responsive theme which allows mobile users to access all MyEd content
  • Removal of less-used portlets, including the Bookmarks portlet

Preparing for the upgrade

Screenshot of MyEd sitemap link

If you've customised your layout, you should print out your site map to keep a record of your portlets. Make sure you do this before 28 June.

We will be returning all users' layouts to the latest default settings for their user type - staff, students, alumni, etc. With the new drag-and-drop interface, it is very easy to create (or recreate) your own customised layout.

Saving Bookmarks

MyEd Bookmarks portlet

If you use the Bookmarks portlet, you should take note of any bookmarks that you would like to keep following the upgrade. To do this:

  1. Go to the Bookmarks portlet and click the link at that says "Show Edit"
  2. Click the Edit pencil icon next to the bookmark that you wish to save. It will show the bookmark details, including the URL.
  3. Copy and paste the URL into a new browser window.
  4. Save this page as a bookmark in your browser.

What remains the same after the upgrade

  • Tab names and structure
  • Default layouts of channels on tabs
  • Portlet availability
  • Portlet functionality


Screenshot of upgraded MyEd








Screenshot of MyEd navigation menu on mobile
Screenshot of MyEd on a mobile