Information Services

MyEd on your mobile

MyEd is designed to be mobile-friendly.

MyEd is designed for mobile first, making it easier to use on any device, wherever you are.

The menu-based navigation makes it easy to find content, and avoids the need to load content-heavy tabs, making it faster to get to the content that you need.

However, some of the content and services that MyEd gives you access to are not designed for mobile access, and may need to be accessed from a laptop or similar.

Mobile shortcut

You can add a MyEd shortcut to your smartphone's home screen.


  1. Go to in Safari
  2. Tap on the 'Share' button on the bottom menu bar (icon with a box and arrow pointing up)
  3. Tap on 'Add to Home Screen', review title and url presented, tap on 'Add' in upper right.


  1. Go to in the Chome browser
  2. Tap on the settings button (horizontal dots on the right)
  3. Scroll down the settings menu, then tap on 'Add to home screen'.