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How to get help with MyEd.

Day to day support and advice

Check the pages below for answers to common questions and problems:

MyEd is unavailable

If you can't get to MyEd, or you are seeing an error message, check the IS Service status page, which shows details of the current status of all key IS services, including MyEd. There is also a link to the IS Alerts Log which gives details of all downtime (planned and unplanned) for all IS supported applications.

IS Service Status and Alerts

If there is no alert, check whether you can view other websites. If you can't, this might indicate a problem with your internet connection. 

More help

If the answer to your question is not available online and you need further assistance, please:


Developing or integrating content into MyEd

  • We are able to offer consultation to content providers, business owners or software suppliers on integration or development of content for MyEd.
  • We can show you examples of existing content, and give recommendations on best practice.
  • We can also assist with simple content development, or we can help you initiate a project to develop more feature-rich content.


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