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MyEd for staff

Find out more about the MyEd homepage and how to access other content on MyEd.

MyEd homepage

The MyEd staff homepage displays three portlets, Email, Calendar and Favourites.  You will also see information about MyEd displayed on this page.  You can't change the portlets which display on this page, but you can add links to some of the content you use most often by favouriting portlets.


The Email portlet allows you to check whether you have any unread emails, and preview the 5 most recent unread emails.   Click on the Email link to access  your Office365 inbox.  


The Calendar portlet displays today's events from your Office365 calendar.  To see future events, or add or edit events in your Calendar, click on the Calendar link. 


The Favourites portlet displays links to any portlets that you have favourited, giving you easy access to the content you use most often.

Find out more about Favourites

Additional Content

More content can be accessed using the menus.  These are currently organised into 4 categories for staff:  

  • My Information - manage your personal details, university card, password and expenses.
  • Teaching and Research - services and information relating to teaching and research, including access to VLEs and other learning technology tools, research tools including Pure, and administrative tools to support teaching and research.
  • Staff Resources - access to a range of resources including room booking, staff development support and finance tools.
  • News and Events - news and events from across the University. 

Menu links will either take you directly to resources located outside MyEd, or open content within MyEd.