Information Services


Voting can be held on-line, accessed by the targetted electorate via the University staff, student portal.

Information Services offer two electoral systems following the transferable voting systems:- Alternative Transferable Vote (ATV) and Single Transferable Vote (WIGM STV) both verified and approved by the Electoral Reform Society and University Court.

When a new election is requested, Information Services staff will provide consultation about how the online ballot paper is generated for the electorate and which count system will be appropriate based upon the type of election being held.  The following give a brief outline covering the core elements of this service:

  • The alignment of online voting and counting with your election plans.  Information Services requires at least 2 weeks notice from the election provider with details about the election being held.
  • Support for the delivery of your online ballot paper to your electorate.
  • Information Services will run the count procedure and produce your election results.

Voting options

There are two types electorate systems available.  Both systems have been tested using real world city council elections data and are approved by The Electoral Reform Society and University of Edinburgh Court.

- Alternate Transferable (AV) which is suitable for single seat elections. This is the system used for the Rectorial Elections and has been verified by the Electoral Reform Society.

- Single Transferable Vote (based upon WIGM STV). This is a vote system that's use in government elections around the world.