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Routes to using EventsAIR

On this page you will find information on the routes to using the EventsAir platform and the requirements for each of these routes. This should help you select which route best meets your needs.

What are the routes to using EventsAIR?

There are two possible routes to using EventsAIR for your large-scale event.

These two routes have different requirements and effort levels and should be considered before requesting to use the platform. 

Route 1 - Using EventsAIR with your Team

This route means you will use the EventsAIR platform with your team to run your event. 

For more information on this see, "Using EventsAIR with your Team" below.

Route 2 - Using EventsAIR with Accommodation, Catering & Events (ACE)

This route means that the University of Edinburgh's Accomodation, Catering and Events team (ACE) will run your event through EventsAIR on your behalf.

For more information on this see, "Using EventsAIR through Accomodation, Catering & Events (ACE)" below. 

Further Information

If you are unsure if EventsAIR is the right platform for your event, you can try our tool selector and receive advice on which tool is most suitable for your online meeting or event.

Online and Digital Events Platform Selector Tool