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The following pages will provide information on what EventsAIR is, the routes to using it, how to request to use it and how to start planning your event.

What is EventsAIR? 

EventsAIR is an online platform which provides end-to-end management for large scale online events (such as conferences or open days). 

The EventsAIR platform provides services beyond other platforms for online events at the University (such as Teams and Zoom). It provides communications and registration management, exhibitor stands, multiple sessions, breakout and networking capabilities within each event and University of Edinburgh (and individual School) branding. 

The EventsAIR platform also requires more effort and resource (in staff numbers and training) to get events up and running. 

Is EventsAIR the right platform for my event? 

If you are not sure on whether EventsAIR is the right platform for your event, try our Event Tool Selector. This should help you decide if you need features which are exclusive to EventsAIR for your event, and which route you should take to use it:

Online and Digital Events Platform Selector Tool



Routes to using EventsAIR

Image of two routes to EventsAir
On this page you will find information on the routes to using the EventsAir platform and the requirements for each of these routes. This should help you select which route best meets your needs.

How to request to use EventsAIR

Image of a clipboard and pencil filling in an eventsair form
Use the following forms to either request to use the EventsAir platform yourself or to request to work with the University’s Conference and Events Team to deliver your event

Running your first event on EventsAIR

Image of an example process to running an eventsair event
The process involved in running your first event with EventsAIR

EventsAIR Case Studies

Image of person with an eventsair screen
On this page you will find previous use cases of EventsAIR at the University of Edinburgh.

EventsAIR FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions about EventsAir