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Audience Updates

With the introduction of People and Money, an update to Event Booking is required to replace the staff job categories with People and Money Job Families and Job functions. This change will impact all events using staff job category eligibility filters for their events. This change impacts any event using staff job categories as filters. There is no impact on Student audiences or visitors.

Note - Any attendees already booked on your event will be unaffected by the update to audience and will not receive any automated notifications from the Event Booking system.

To check and update audience groups impacted by this change, please use the following steps. Note: If an audience is edited and updated it will effect all events that currently use it.


1. Access the audience group list via the SET provide details menu  
Audience Update 1
2. Select an identified audience group – Identified by (*)
Audience Update 2
3. Review the legacy job categories by selecting the Show link. These are grouped by the Oracle HR parent group.
Audience Update 3
4. Select the new Job categories that meet your audience requirements from the Job Family and Functions
Audience Update 4
5. Update the name of the event, ensuring that the (*) is removed.
Audience Update 5
6. Save the audience, which will update all events that use the named audience.