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Instructions for using Sympa

The mailing list service in use at the University of Edinburgh is called Sympa, which has its roots in the academic computing community in France. Sympa replaced the Majordomo system, which was the system in use prior to 2013. User and list owner instructions are provided below along with an explanation of super and sub lists, as well as a run-through of list email commands.

Using lists as a subscriber

Here are instructions on how to login and also how to subscribe and unsubscribe from lists and how to contact the owner(s) of a list.

Using lists as a subscriber

Managing mailing lists as the list owner

Here you'll find instructions for creating and removing lists and adding/removing list owners using the web interface.

List owner instructions

Email commands

List owners and moderators can do most administration tasks via email commands. There are also some email commands for list users.

List administration email commands

Super lists

Super lists are lists which contain any number of sub lists. Postings to a super list will be sent to all of it's sub lists.

Super lists and sublists

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