Information Services

Help and support

Within the wiki service itself all users have access to the Wiki Help & Guidance wiki where topics covered include:

Day to day support and advice

  • Basic and advanced editing.
  • Basic and advanced wiki administration.
  • Best practice information for wikis in teaching, research and administration.
  • Spaces where emergent best practice/experiences can be shared; over time building up a wiki knowledge base to support new wiki users.

There is also a Sandbox wiki play area to try out anything you like before 'doing it for real' within your own wiki area.

If the answer to your question is not available in the Help wiki you can contact the IS Helpline for further assistance.


There are a number of wiki workshops currently on offer and bookings may be made via the Event Booking channel on the front page of MyEd.

Introduction to Wikis

This course provides an introduction to wikis, looking at how they can be used for collaborative work within the University and explores issues to consider when using this tool.

Making the most of your Wiki

This course looks at some more advanced features and tools that can be used in your wiki. There are hands-on activities to allow participants to try out all of the topics covered. Participants are also encouraged to add any features that they find useful to their own wiki.

Wikis: What can I do as an administrator?

An in-depth look at the more advanced features and tools available to those with administrator rights. With hands-on activities, participants are able to try out all of the topics covered in the course. Participants will also have an opportunity to add any features that they find useful to their own wiki.