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The Website Development Service are currently offering a reduced service.

Staff in the Web Development team are currently working on two major projects:

  • Build of a new Web Publishing Platform, to replace EdWeb and provide a wider range of more flexible web products and solutions
  • Development of a new Design System for the University, to replace EdGEL with a more comprehensive set of components, principles and processes to define how the University designs content.

You can read more about these pieces of work in our blog posts: 

In this period, we are offering a reduced service. We are able to offer a limited service for existing clients, relating to existing pieces of work. You can contact us about this by emailing

In the meantime, if you require website services, we are able to offer new EdWeb sites, so please consider if this could meet your needs. 

Obtain a new EdWeb site

You may also like to investigate the web services available at College or School level, or to make a request through the Website Development and Graphic Design procurement framework by emailing