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What we do

The Graphic Design Service offers a professional, high quality and cost effective service for customers based within the University, partner organisations, research teams and for external clients.

Reduced service 

We are operating a reduced service due to our team being allocated to two core projects:

  • Build of a new Web Publishing Platform, to replace EdWeb and provide a wider range of more flexible digital products and solutions
  • Development of a new Design System for the University, to replace EdGEL with a more comprehensive set of components, principles and processes to define how the University designs content.

You can read more about these pieces of work in our blog posts: 

To find out about our availability over the next 6 months, and the options available for Graphic Design work, please visit:

Using the Graphic Design Service 


Our Services

We work closely alongside Communications and Marketing for those looking for logo provision. We adhere to the University's brand guidelines in the creation of logos. If you require a logo, please contact Communications and Marketing in the first instance with evidence to support your logo needs. 

  • Print Design - Brochures, Annual Reports, Strategic Reviews
  • Illustration 
  • Data visualisations and Infographics 
  • Digital Design - social media, display and screen design, website visual design 
  • HTML5 Google adverts and animated gif ads
  • Events and conference materials 
  • Materials that use Communications and Marketing Campaign templates
  • Materials to support Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching and learning 
  • Brand creation.