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Learning Spaces Technology Conference and Events Service

We offer pre-event consultation and limited Audio Visual Technical support and training for events and conferences being held in two types of space:

  1. Centrally Supported Teaching Spaces
  2. Events Space - McEwan Hall and Playfair Library ONLY



  • Pre-event consultation and bespoke planning advice, this will involve a discussion of your AV technical requirements. Please understand that we will do our best to facilitate your requirements but due to the set up of our teaching spaces, it might not be possible to accommodate additional equipment other than what is already part of the in-room design, and any additional equipment that was pre-arranged and agreed on may incur additional charges. This must be arranged with and quoted for by our Service Desk. 
  • We are able to provide pre-arranged technical support at the beginning of your event.
  • In-room equipment training prior to a conference or event where an organiser is providing their own support staff or external contractors. 
  • While we DO NOT support filming or streaming (see service exclusions below), we will provide PA and projector feeds for external companies if required - this must be pre-arranged and subject to availability. 
  • Set-up, preparation of in-room AV and/or dismantling of any additional AV equipment organised though LST.
  • Service Desk for emergency assistance with the in-room equipment.

All services are subject to staff and equipment availability.

Service Exclusions

We do not support:

  • Recording of events. Please note that in-room recording facilities can only be used if linked via a Learn Course, see Media Hopper Replay for details.
  • Videoing or camera operation of any event.
  • Live Streaming.
  • Software support.
  • Users own devices, including any provision of adaptors. 
  • Wi-Fi account creation or assistance, for further information please see Wifi access for guests.
  • Wired network account creation or assistance.
  • Lighting and stage support.
  • Hybrid Online & Digital Events please see this page for further information.
  • Events taking place in Non-Teaching spaces (unless the venue is the Playfair Library or McEwan Hall, where any service requests will be subject to staff and equipment availability). 

Service Hours

Our support is available 08:30 – 17:45 Monday to Friday during term time. 08:30 – 16:30 outside of term time. For current Semester dates, please see here.

Out of hours technical support can be requested and is available subject to staff and equipment availability. 

Please note, our technical support is also subject to charge - see below labour costs as a guide, however a quote and confirmation of availability will still need to be provided by the Service Desk. 

Request Process

It is important that we establish the details of the technical requirements prior to providing any support. This will have an effect on the duration, cost and quality of your event.

For AV support please email us at, for external conferences please contact The University of Edinburgh Hospitality Collection.

We do require bookings in advance as follows:

  • Weekdays - minimum of 7 days’ notice
  • Weekends - minimum of 1 month notice


Event & Conference requests are subject to charges as follows:

  • Core
  • Academic related
  • Commercial

Any additional AV equipment required outside of what is permanently installed in the venue(s) will be charged appropriately.

AV Charges

Below are our latest charges for Centrally Supported Teaching Spaces.  Events Space (McEwan Hall and Playfair) are subject to individual charged items and will be quoted for upon request.

Half day: up to 4 hours

Full day: over 4 hours

  Dual Projection Capacity over 100 Capacity 25-100 Capacity under 25
Core no charge no charge no charge no charge
Academic Related

Full Day - £320

Half Day - £224

Full Day - £240

Half Day - 168

Full Day - £160

Half Day - £88

Full Day - £80

Half Day -  £48


Full Day - £400

Half Day - £280

Full Day - £300

Half Day - £210

Full Day - £200

Half Day - £110

Full Day - £100

Half Day - £60

Labour Costs

  Service Hours Out of Hours
Core no charge £30 per hour - minimum 2hrs
Academic Related no charge £30 per hour - minimum 2hrs
Commercial £30 per hour - minimum 4hrs £30 per hour - minimum 4hrs


If you encounter any issues during your event and require emergency technical assistance, please ring our Service Desk on 0131 650 4097.

We will endeavour to resolve any issues remotely in the first instance, followed by a technician despatched to you if required subject to availability.

Any non-critical AV faults can be reported to


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