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Using Visitor Registration System

New visitor administrators must apply for access to the system by filling in the Application form. An application form must be approved by either the head of department or school administrator.

The process for registering a visit on the VRS is a three-stage process:

  1. The Visitor record is created and contains the personal details of the person visiting. If the visitor has already visited the University then they should already have a record on the system. In this case all that is required is to check that the details are up to date.
  2. A Visit record is then created detailing the period of time the person will be at the University, where they will be located together with other relevant information.
  3. The registration record is authorised by the school/planning unit administrator or nominated deputy. The services required for all visitors are requested at this stage.

VRS User Documentation

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There are two administrative roles within the system:

  • Originator - University staff on the main payroll and staff-like vistors can be an Originator requesting a new Visitor in the system.
  • Approver - Only University staff on the main payroll can be an Approver of visits.

When applying to become a user of the system you need to specify which role you require.


  • Can search the system for existing visitors and view the details of any historic visits that have been recorded for their own organisational unit.
  • Are able to set up the details of a new visitor and create a visit record for new or existing visitors within any organisational unit.
  • Can amend or delete visit records that they have created in any organisational unit as long as these haven’t been authorised.


Approvers can carry out all the functions of an Originator and in addition they can:

  • Authorise visit records within their own organisational unit.
  • Amend or delete records for active and future visits that have already been authorised. Visit details can’t be altered once the visit has finished.
  • The Approver is also responsible for printing the Card Application form and the Computing Regulations.

Specific Instructions for CAHSS

For CAHSS, new account authorisations are devolved to DoPS (Directors of Professional Services) or nominated Computing Officer(s).

A full list of those who can provide authorisation is available here


Completed VRS Application forms

Please send completed VRS Application forms to Service Management via internal mail.

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