Information Services


The Visitor Registration System (VRS) was created to record the details of those people who are considered Visitors to the University and details of the visits they make.

The system has been designed to be 'self-service' and is targeted at College, School and Administrative Offices, with the expectation that each organisation will key details of their own Visitors.

Benefits of capturing this information

  • Provides those visitors who request it with a University card which acts as their identification when in the University.
  • Provides access to necessary services such as Library access, Door access, Login ID’s and computing services.
  • Ensures all visitors are aware of the University's obligations for Health & Safety requirements, Insurance etc.
  • Records information for Research Assessment Exercise (RAE).

A visit only needs to be recorded on VRS if it's duration is five days or longer. Only one visit per visitor can be current at any time.

Visitor details are automatically passed from the VRS to other corporate computer systems in order that the necessary services can be set up.