Information Services

Guidance notes

Guidance Notes for completing the application form.

Section one

To be completed by the person requesting access.

  1. Both parts of this section should be completed.
  2. The first part requests basic personal details required to provide you with the service.
  3. Secondly, an integral and important aspect of this form is that users must sign confirming that they are aware of, and will comply with:

Members of staff are therefore urged to follow the above links before committing their signature to the Form.

Section two

To be completed by your organisation's Visitor Scheme Coordinator.

  1. The first part is where the applicant's role within the Visitor Registration System (i.e. either Originator or Approver) is indicated.
  2. The second part is where your organisation's Visitor Scheme Coordinator authorises the applicant's access to the system (details for "Guidance on Authorisation" are provided towards the foot of this document), and confirms the VRS role and where appropriate, access to the reporting function.
  3. Once signed the completed form should be forwarded to: IS Applications Division, Service Management, Argyle House, Level K, 3 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9DR

Section three

To be completed by Applications Division.

  1. IS will verify the authorisation, allocate the appropriate role, and then advise you that your application to use the Visitor Registration System has been successful and that the account is set up.
  2. This will normally be completed within a matter of days from receipt of the application form.

Guidance on Authorisation

Visitor Scheme Coordinators have overall responsibility for managing visitors within an organisation. This person should therefore decide the most appropriate role for the applicant within VRS and also indicate on the Application Form whether management information reporting via BOXI should be made available.

By signing the Application Form, the Visitor Scheme Coordinator is authorising the applicant to have access to the VRS system. In deciding whether or not to authorise access, the following points should be considered:

  • The person to be given access must be employed by the University of Edinburgh under a contract issued by HR, ie those employed on casual contracts should not be authorised.
  • There must be a need for the member of staff to have access to the data in order to perform his/her role in providing visitor registration management.
  • It is anticipated that access will be restricted mainly to administrative and clerical grades, and that other staff will not normally require access.
  • In no case should students employed (for example) as assistants be given access.

Final authorisation is controlled by Applications Division as either owners of the data or on behalf of the data owner where appropriate.