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Usability Audit

This provides a cost-effective method for gauging the overall usability of your offering to quickly improve its' general usability.

A Usability Audit is commissioned when there is a need to identify the major usability issues without performing in-depth studies.

A valuable precursor to a Usability Evaluation an audit eliminates any prominent usability problems before a Usability Evaluation 'fine-tunes' usability.

The audit can be performed very quickly and enables the prioritisation of areas of your offering requiring redesign.

A Usability Audit is ideal for business areas wanting an initial assessment of how usable their offering is within a limited timeframe and budget. For a fuller appraisal we recommend a Usability Evaluation.

Usability Evaluation

A Usability Evaluation provides insight into how specific elements of the interface impact the quality of the user experience by obtaining reliable and interpretable data from real people performing real tasks.

A Usability Evaluation can be commissioned to assess usability during development of the project.

Our Usability Evaluation report details the findings in an easily digestible format. Our approach is based on proven methodologies, real-life scenarios of use and real users of the application.

A Usability Evaluation will provide the intelligence and direction to inform strategic online business decisions.

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