Information Services

Using the service

Hosting is provided on Linux or Windows, with options for both shared and dedicated infrastructure.

Application Hosting Requests

For larger websites / corporate applications:

  • On our Linux/Unix servers we can support Coldfusion and Java with Oracle database hosting.
  • On our Windows servers we can support ASP and .NET with Microsoft SQL Server database hosting.

We understand there are times when shared hosting is simply not an option, and when dedicated infrastructure is needed. This is most typically requested:

  • When required technologies are unavailable on our shared platform.
  • For mission-critical applications, where ensuring minimal downtime is a high priority.
  • For large-scale apps and sites that interface with corporate university IT systems.

As this type of request falls outwith the scope of our standard hosting solutions, it constitutes project work, and so should be raised with the IS Projects Services Team in the first instance. Work will be charged at the standard daily rate of £275.

Please use the hosting pro-forma below to detail all your requirements, and then send it to IS Helpline who will forward your request to the correct team.