Information Services


The service provides two primary hosting environments based on Linux and Windows operating systems. Database hosting is primarily offered through mySQL on our Linux environment and Microsoft SQL Server on Windows.

The University hosting service offers the following:

  • Friendly, easy-to-understand advice to help you identify the best-fit hosting solution.
  • A range of standard technologies and environments, whether you need basic website and database hosting on Linux or Windows, or wish to host third party mission-critical applications.
  • Frequent system backups and hardware monitoring to ensure robust performance and availability.
  • Free hosting space for teaching sites, and cost effective (i.e. not for profit) hosting space for research sites.

Require a new website?

As well as providing hosting space, we have extensive experience in the successful delivery of high quality new websites at good value to customers. Our dedicated team of in-house web professionals can advise on and undertake your site's complete development, from designing, building, and testing, all the way through to implementation.

We have a web publishing team who can offer consultancy and undertake work in the following areas:

  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Application Development
  • Database Building and Administration

The service will continue to offer value once your new site has gone 'live':

  • Our Production Management teams will work to maintain system availability.
  • Standard monthly reporting can be arranged, which provides a commentary relating to specific events within the hosting environment.
  • Additional quarterly meetings and reports tailored to the customer and their key performance indicators can be scheduled.

Externally funded research applications

The hosting service provides great benefit to academics completing research funding proposals. Receive guidance on the infrastructure and software combinations that will best help you achieve the end goal, as well as detailed cost estimates.

We can also help to plan for the future, offer advice on issues such as sustainability, ensuring that any electronic publication, website or application, remains accessible to the target audience during the required time period.