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Download our openly licenced handbook, watch instructional videos and create brand new artworks.

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Download workshop handbook

Download your own copy of the workshop participant’s handbook. This step-by-step guide will help you transform photographs from the collection into new artworks. The tutorial can be completed in approximately one-hour and requires no commercial software, licence or installation.

Watch instructional videos

Quick tutorial

Marta Bloch Christiansen provides a short 14 minute tutorial on how to convert an image to a line drawing using the online tool Sketchpad.

Video: Sketchpad Tutorial
A tutorial on how to convert an image to a line drawing using the online tool Sketchpad.

In-depth tutorial

This workshop from 25th May 2021 was part of the Digital Skills Festival at the University of Edinburgh.

Learning objectives

  • Introduction to Sketchpad
  • Explore and engage with CRC image library
  • Create a bespoke digital illustration
  • Potentially share your artwork as an Open Education Resource (OER)
  • Collaborate on a new physical and digital publication
Video: Sketchpad Colouring Book Workshop
In this workshop we will be creating beautiful digital illustrations ready for colouring inspired by University of Edinburgh (UoE) buildings and the amazing treasures held in the Centre for Research Collections (CRC).

Show us your work

Share your beautiful illustrations by posting them to social media with the following hashtags.

#WeHaveGreatStuff #WeAreEdinburgh

Alternatively, please feel free to email us your creations directly.

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This handbook is copyright © The University of Edinburgh, but openly licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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