Colouring Books
Illustration of some birds and plants being coloured in with pencils

'We have great stuff' colouring books

Openly licensed resources created by University of Edinburgh students and staff for everyone to enjoy.

'We have great stuff' front covers featuring illustrations of a bird and castle being coloured in with pencils

Information on how to download the books, reuse the images and share your own artwork.

Map of Edinburgh with multiple numbered location pins

Interactive treasure map of Edinburgh to accompany the second colouring book.

Illustration of a fish being coloured in with pencils

Latest project news and reflective posts from everyone involved in the making of this colouring book series.

Student creating a digital illustration, looking at their computer monitor

Illustration screen recordings and Sketchpad tutorials.

3 adults sitting at a desk creating new artworks with coloured pencils

Download our openly licenced handbook, watch instructional videos and create brand new artworks.

Three students holding up their brightly coloured-in illustrations

Details for all 'We have great stuff' colouring book related events.

Black and white illustration of a shawl design from the 1800's

Self-help resources and University services for both overall wellbeing and specific concerns.

About the books

The University of Edinburgh as well as having great students and staff, has great stuff. Since its very beginnings, the University has collected books, art, archives, manuscripts, musical instruments and objects to inspire its community in learning, teaching and research.

One of the world’s great collections has been built up over hundreds of years and constantly surprises those who come to view and enjoy the items.

The illustrations in these books are inspired by items and images within the collections and were collated by students during the 2019 Festival of Creative Learning Week, a 2021 Student Experience Grant project, and by staff in the Information Services Group.

We hope you enjoy and become curious to find out more.

List of individuals who have contributed images to the colouring books and Flickr albums.