Information Services

The benefits of joining us

Do you want to achieve a healthy work/life balance, with flexible working hours, shared parental leave, and personal/professional development? We’ll support you in your work and life outside the 9-5.

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Work-life policies

We are committed to ensuring our staff benefit from a range of policies that support their work-life balance, these include:

Healthy working lives

Here at the Information Services Group we strongly promote our employees' health and wellbeing. Our Healthy Working Lives initiative focuses on several aspects of health including physical activity, mental health and wellbeing. Staff can get involved in events throughout the year including photography exhibitions, bake sales, a running group, and mindfulness classes.

Other University of Edinburgh staff benefits

University of Edinburgh staff can enjoy a discounted membership with the University's cutting-edge Pleasance gym, free weekly yoga classes, cycling training and our bicycle clinic. Additonally, all staff at the University can make use of a wide range of other benefits; including discounts across many services and organisations.