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About Unitemps

Find out about Unitemps, the in-house service we use to facilitate the majority of our student employment in ISG.

As one of the most prominent student employers within the University, the Information Services Group are proudly committed to student employment in all our directorates. Employability is an important factor in the student experience, and not only does student employment offer valuable work experience, students are also the main consumers of our services across ISG. Employing them to work on projects that are designed for them gives us invaluable insight in shaping these services. 


As part of our ongoing commitment to student employment, ISG launched Unitemps Edinburgh in June of 2020 to facilitate student employment within the group. Unitemps Edinburgh is designed to improve the student experience of employment in ISG, to increase support available to students while they work, and to create efficiencies that encourage the creation of more student jobs. 


The Chief Information Officer and Librarian to the University, Gavin McLachlan, explains why employing students is a key priority for ISG and the University:  




Get Involved

If you’re a member of staff interested in hiring students within ISG, email and a member of the Unitemps team will be in touch with you to discuss your roles and how to progress them. Most, but not all student posts, can be processed via Unitemps. You can also learn more about hiring a Unitemps student on our sharepoint site:

I Want to Employ a Student (Redirects to Sharepoint)  


If you’re a student, click the link below to view our current opportunities: 


Current Opportunities 

You can also follow our Instagram to hear news of upcoming opportunities:


 Unitemps Edinburgh Instagram    


We have also developed a digital guidebook for students to help you prepare and feel supported throughout your work experience. This guidebook contains valuable information, guidance and resources. From your first day of work, to useful next steps a fter you've finished your role - we've got it covered!  

Meet the Team

Here to support you with anything you might need on your Unitemps journey.

Ashleigh Mazouji

Branch Manager

  • Unitemps
  • Information Services Group - Corporate Office

Alysha Wilson

Unitemps Consultant

  • Unitemps
  • Information Services Group

Eloise Allcock

Unitemps Recruitment Intern

  • Unitemps
  • Information Services Group - Corporate Office

Eli Dolliver

Unitemps Website Support Assistant

  • Unitemps
  • Information Services Group - Corporate Office

Hannah Glover

Unitemps Consultant

  • Unitemps
  • Information Services Group - Corporate Office

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