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Research Data Management Roadmap

The Research Data Management (RDM) Roadmap is a living document, also known as the Research Data Service Roadmap. Version 3, covering the period 2017-2020, was approved by the University's Research Data Service Steering Group in October, 2017 and reviewed by it in October, 2020.

A new roadmap is currently being drafted, in order to help fulfil the 2021-22  Research Data Management Policy.

Version 3 included 32 objectives falling under five main categories:

A0 coloured poster summarising Roadmap Review against FAIR principles
Conference poster summarising RDM Roadmap Review
  • Unification of the service: actions needed to achieve a single, unified and comprehensive Research Data Service, a key part of the Digital Research Services (DRS) programme.
  • RDM planning: support and services for planning activities typically performed before research data is collected / created.
  • Active data infrastructure: facilities to store data actively used in current research activities and provide access to that storage, and tools to assist in working with the data.
  • Data stewardship: tools and services to aid in the description, deposit, and continuity of access to completed research data outputs.
  • Data management support: awareness raising and advocacy, data management guidance and training.

The Research Data Service team comprises members across Information Services. An academic-led oversight group oversees the development of the service, as part of Digital Research Services.

RDM Version 3.2, August 2017-July 2020

Earlier versions

The earlier version 2 Roadmap, covering 2012-2016 is included as artefact only.