Information Services

Strategy and planning

We aim to fulfill the IS Vision, by formulating strategies which guide our detailed plans, and provide a framework for service planning by the colleges and other support services.

Visions and Values

Our IS vision is a long-term, aspirational statement which defines the way we want to be in the future.

Research Data Management Roadmap

The Research Data Management (RDM) Roadmap is a living document, also known as the Research Data Service Roadmap. Version 3, covering the period 2017-2020, was approved by the University's Research Data Service Steering Group in October, 2017 and reviewed by it in October, 2020.

Groups and committees

Our work is overseen and guided by University committees and our own internal groups

IS Values statement

Our values are principles which we strongly believe in, and which guide our thinking and actions. They are standards against which we judge ourselves.