Information Services

Data Protection

Information Services, and other service providers in the University, holds user registration data and various information on the use of the University's computer systems and networks; this includes log-in and log-out times, printing logs, World Wide Web cache logs, door access control logs and network traffic logging.

Data Protection Act 2018

While normally only used for resolving operational problems, these logs will be analysed (under paragraph 6 of the University's Computing Regulations) to the level of the individual user where a breach of the Regulations or other misuses and abuses of the facilities is suspected.

The information will also be used to communicate with individuals to alert them to malfunctions within the University's IT facilities, or to request action to correct such malfunctions which may be putting the normal operation of the IT facilities in jeopardy.

In addition, statistical analysis may take place, which does not identify any individual, to provide management information on computer lab, door access, software, printing, cache, network and general computer usage.