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Library General Collections Strategy and Policy

General Collections deliver a dynamic, relevant and evolving collection of library resources to support teaching, learning and research in the University and, where practical, in the wider learning community.

Library General Collections

General Collections comprise the Library’s extensive post-1900 physical and online collections which support teaching, learning and research for all Library users. Online collections include a wide range of e-books, e-journals and online databases, with the Library’s substantial physical General Collections located in the University’s Main Library, site libraries and University Collections Facility. Items which are part of the University’s Heritage Collections due to their date of publication, value, provenance, scarcity or local relevance are governed by separate collection strategies and policies.

Collections Strategy

The Collections Strategy guides and informs the management of Library General Collections 2023-2028, ensuring collections and associated services are developed to respond to changes in the University and the sector, and to meet evolving user requirements. The Collections Strategy was approved by Library Committee in April 2023.

Collections Strategy (PDF)

Collections Policy

The full Collections Policy is provided as a downloadable PDF.  In 2023-24 the existing Collections Management policy will be updated to reflect the vision and Guiding Principles of the Collections Strategy.

Books Written and Edited by University Staff

The Library is currently unable to systematically collect books authored or edited by University staff, but encourages the donation of these items for the collections.