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Account Expiry Policy

This policy describes the process for deleting accounts of staff and students who have left The University of Edinburgh

Once a computer access account reaches its end date a process begins whereby the account moves through 3 stages: expiry, suspension and finally deletion.

Access to services is maintained while the account is expiring.

Following expiry the account will be suspended and users will lose access to most services, but no data is deleted until this period is complete.

The table below sets out the account expiry and suspension periods for different types of affiliations. Users who have more than one affiliation (for instance an Undergraduate starting a Postgraduate course) will continue to have access to the services for their continuing affiliation.

30 days prior to the 30 day suspension period users will receive an email advising them that their University account will close shortly. Staff, Visitors, Student withdrawals and Applicants do NOT receive the email notification.

Account Expiry Periods
Account Type Expiry Period (Days) Suspension Period (Days) Total (Days)
Undergraduate Students 150 30 180
Postgraduate Taught Students 150 30 180
Postgraduate Research Students 240 30 270
Student Withdrawal 30 30 60
Staff 30 90 120
Applicants   30 30
Visitors   30 30

Accounts of successful Applicants are converted into Student accounts.

Students that withdraw from their studies will have an expiry period of 30 days. However any student who completes at least 12 months of study OR achieves an award prior to their withdrawal will become an alumni and receive appropriate service entitlements ( 

Account Suspension

In special circumstances computer acccess accounts may be suspended with immediate effect. This is normally as a result of non-payment of fees or as part of a disciplinary process.

Where the suspension is part of a disciplinary process this request must come in writing from the Head of School/Organisational Unit involved who should contact the USD Head of Operational Services or the Director of USD in their absence.

Contact information for User Services Division

Email address forwarding

Please see the University's Policy on email addresses for ex-staff should you wish to set up forwarding on your Uni email address to a personal one.

Policy on email addresses for ex-staff