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University Collections Advisory Committee members sit for a term of three years, with the exception of Edinburgh University Student Association representatives who sit for one year only.


Name Position on the Commitee
Professor Neil Cox Convenor, Chair in History of Art

Rob Tomlinson

Deputy Director, Communications & External Affairs
Roy Biddle

Head of Philanthropy, Trusts and Foundations

Ellen MacRae Student Representative, EUSA President
Alvin Jackson Sir Richard Lodge Professor of History, AHSS Representative
Tessa Giblin Director of Talbot Rice Gallery
Professor Tom Gillingwater Professor of Anatomy
Jacky MacBeath Head of Museums, Head of the Centre for Research Collections
Daryl Green

Head of Special Collections, Deputy Head of the Centre for Research Collections

Bruce Gittings School of GeoSciences, CSE Representative
Gavin McLachlan CIO and Librarian to the University
Sarah Anderson Community Engagement Programme Manager, Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Julia Laidlaw

Senior Estates Development Manager

Gill Findlay External Advisor
Jeremy Upton Director of Library and University Collections
Melissa Terras Professor and Founding Director of the Centre for Digital School, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Amanda Hogg Clerk to the Committee (Louise Tierney covering for maternity leave until early 2022)