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Knowledge Exchange Week 2020

​The University of Edinburgh Library and University Collections division will host its Knowledge Exchange Week from 1st-5th June 2020.

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Following on from the success of our previous Knowledge Exchange Weeks, we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting our fifth programme in June 2019.  As with last year, we will again be offering a three track programme: General Library, Archives and Digitisation.

The General Programme is aimed at Library and Cultural Heritage Professionals from all backgrounds and career stages.  This exciting summer programme provides a unique opportunity to listen to speakers from across Library and University Collections and gain a hands-on insight into the work that we do.  There will also be opportunities to visit other cultural institutions across Edinburgh and discover more about our beautiful city.        

We will also be running a parallel Digitisation Skills Week for staff working in or developing digitisation within libraries and cultural heritage.  This programme is primarily aimed at staff who are relatively new to the field and who wish to learn about the University's work in this area and to share knowledge and best practice with colleagues from across Europe. Elements of the Digitisation Skills Week will be joint sessions with the General programme.

In addition, and for the first time, we will run an Archives Skills Week. This programme is also open to not only archivists but also librarians and curators who have responsibility for archive collections and want to gain more skills in the ethics, management and new developments in technology. Participants will also be able to learn about the University's work in this area and to share knowledge and best practice with colleagues from across Europe. Elements of the Archives Skills Week will be joint sessions with the General programme.

It may also be possible for participants in one area to attend sessions in either of the other two, if there is particular area of interest being covered.


University of Edinburgh, Library and Collections Knowledge Exchange week will take place from Monday, June 1st –  Friday, June 5th  2020, running from Monday morning until Friday afternoon. 


The general programme will provide a general insight into the work of Library and University Collections staff, covering library services, special collections, archives and museums. There will also be visits to external institutions and sites out with the University of Edinburgh Main Library, which will act as a base for the week.  An optional evening programme will also be offered to provide you with a taste of Edinburgh.  The subjects being covered during the week will include*:

  • Collections, Conservation and Preservation
  • Engagement and Programming
  • Research and Teaching Resources
  • Estates Development and Collections Management Projects
  • Digitisation – Policies and Practices
  • Collection Discovery and Design
  • Open Access and Digital Repository Services 
  • Internationalisation  

The digitisation programme will give a general overview of the work of the Library and University's Digitisation Team and will specifically include:

  • Digitisation Strategy
  • Scanning
  • Copy table photography
  • Object photography
  • IIIF
  • 3D
  • Digitisation projects
  • Image Delivery

  • Low-tech Photography for Social Media

  • Digital Humanities

The archives programme will cover

  • Language and Semantic Gaps, Gender and Cultural Bias in Cataloguing
  • Digitisation for archives
  • Tips and Tricks for Retro Conversion
  • Archives and Research Data
  • Appraisal Masterclass
  • Legislation Impact
  • Engagement and Community
  • Cross Discipline Working
  • Conservation for archivists  

Please note that programmes for all three strands are still in development but will be posted at a later date.

How to Apply?

Applications for 2020 have now closed.

Costs and Accommodation

Participation in the scheduled programme is free of charge, with the exception of some evening events which will be optional and, where stated, are at participants' own expense.  Accommodation and travel costs will also be at participants' own expense.  

Further Information

For more information about the Knowledge Exchange Week please contact  and to find out more about University of Edinburgh Library and Collections please see our webpages at the link below:

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