Information Services


The EDINA and Data Library division is made up of a number of functional sections or workgroups.

Section: Research Data Support (University Of Edinburgh)

This Section contributes components to the Research Data Service, a larger virtual team thatspans several IS Divisions, including Data Library & Consultancy.

Head: Robin Rice

Section: Services & User Engagement (Inter/national)

Responsible for direct engagement with users (consumers and customers) via marketing and external communications. Other important functions include helpdesk, training and user support.

Acting Head: Andrew Bevan

Section: Operations (Inter/national)

Responsible for the daily operation and continuous service improvement of online services.It undertakes system administration and other technical components of services.

Acting Head: Matt Hodson

Section: Business and Organisation Support (Inter/national)

This section includes project staff as well as support for business processes, finance, HR liaison and committee work.

Head: Ingrid Earp

Service Portfolio Group

Chair: Anne Robertson

Opportunities & Innovation Group

Chair: Paul Walk

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team comprises the Director, Heads of Sections, and the Chairs of the Services Portfolio Group and the Opportunities & Innovation Group. It has executive oversight for all of EDINA's activities.