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New MANTRA Data Management Training unit published

The Data Library are delighted to announce the publication of the 7th unit: Data protection, rights and access, for the Research Data Management Training (MANTRA) online course.

Research Data Management Training

Data protection, rights and access

Topics covered, through the usual combination of text, illustrations, videos and quizzes include:

  • About the unit
  • Ethical review of research projects
  • Clinical considerations
  • Privacy and consent
  • Confidentiality
  • Accidental confidentiality breaches
  • Data protection
  • 1998 Data Protection Act
  • Personal versus sensitive personal data
  • Anonymisation techniques
  • Dealing with sensitive data (video)
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • IPR: What's different about data?
  • Freedom of Information (FOI)
  • FOI related legislation
  • Summary


MANTRA was developed at EDINA and Data Library, University of Edinburgh, by a team of data librarians and an e-learning specialist, funded by the Jisc Managing Research Data Programme (2010-11).

The course is intended to increase researchers' awareness of data management issues. It supports statements about good practice in research data management with real life stories and scenarios, and is designed to be fun, relevant, useful, interactive and timely (FRUIT) for those pursuing a research project.

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