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A Conversation with Data Librarians

Andrew Creamer, Project Coordinator, Lamar Soutter Library, UMass Medical School recently travelled to Edinburgh to interview data librarians and "pioneers in research data management education" Robin Rice and Stuart Macdonald. He has written a blog post about his visit and published a complete transcript of the interview.

Andrew is project coordinator of a National Library of Medicine funded grant to develop a course curriculum in Research Data Management for six Massachusetts research institutions.

The decision to visit the Data Library team at the University of Edinburgh was due in part to the development of MANTRA, which was amongst the first online and open educational resources to teach students and early-career researchers the fundamentals of research data management.

MANTRA, which launched in October of 2011, has since provided guidance to other universities and has been used as a model in developing interactive courses to provide guidelines for good practices in research data management.

The Edinburgh University Data Library is a library of firsts.

Andrew CreamerUMass Medical School

Andrew notes that the Data Library already has a strong reputation in data librarianship, as in addition to the MANTRA project, the Data Library team were amongst the first to create a suite of research data support pages, and the University of Edinburgh was amongst the first to have a university-wide data policy.