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International Workshop on ICT & e-Knowledge

In the developing world, digital technologies have the potential to transform lives.

Shanghai skyline

Mimas, with RCUK China and other Chinese and UK partners, hosted an international academic workshop in Shanghai, China (September 2010) to explore the impact, benefits and challenges of digital technologies - and to discuss how they can create better lives.

Stuart Macdonald (EDINA & Data Library) was invited to give a presentation on innovative and intuitive web-based communication systems, many of which utilize Web 2.0 principles, that can reach out to and connect individuals and communities in developing economies.

The workshop took place in conjunction with a UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) meeting as part of the Global City Informatization Forum (GCIF) 2010.

The key aims of this joint China-UK workshop were to:

  • explore the potential impact, challenges and barriers to the adoption and uptake of digital technologies in the context of good development
  • strengthen links between the scientific community, practitioners and the international development sector in China and the UK
  • map existing innovative adoption, citing best practice and lessons learnt
  • facilitate an enabling environment to support future collaborative work
  • create a virtual working group to support the work of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (UN GAID)

For further information including programme, speaker abstracts, and presentations visit the Mimas website:


Item originally published on Monday, 26th October 2010.