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Addressing History

EDINA in partnership with the National Library of Scotland (NLS) has been awarded a JISC Rapid Innovations grant to develop an online, 'crowd sourcing' tool to enable a broad spectrum of users - both in academia and beyond (such as local history groups and genealogists) - to plot a location on a map of any address, street name, advert or listing from digitised historical Scottish Post Office Directories on to a contemporaneous historical map.

The geo-coding web tool will greatly enhance both mapping and directory data, and permit original research using the rich contextual perspective the tool will draw out from these combined resources.

Both digitised resources are being provided, without licence restriction and as part of an ongoing digitisation exercise, by the NLS who will also share extensive digital mapping and geo-coding expertise.

During the six-month project AddressingHistory will focus on engaging the community through a tool which will access three eras of Edinburgh mapping and Post Office Directories (1784-5; 1865; 1905-6). The technologies demonstrated will be scalable to the full collection of digitised materials which include 400 Post Office Directories and associated maps covering the whole of Scotland.

We would like to hear from researchers and anyone else who is interested in Edinburgh’s history who might like to test the tool when it is developed.

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Addressing History

Item first published August 2010.