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Eurostat microdata access for empirical research

University of Edinburgh has recently received approval as a Eurostat recognized research entity. This represents the first step for University of Edinburgh faculty, staff and students to gain access to significant Eurostat microdata files such as the Labour Force Survey (EU LFS), Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC), as well as other surveys on education, health, transportation, enterprise, innovation, etc., for empirical research. Researchers will still need to fill out a Research proposal application, and once approved, sign individual confidentiality declarations. Research proposals should be submitted via the Data Library (

University of Edinburgh approved as Eurostat recognized research entity


Both the research proposal form and confidentiality declarations are available on the Eurostat web site.

Eurostat microdata introduction

Links to Eurostat data are available through the Data Library Catalogue, where you can search for data providers and specific topics.