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News from the Data Library.

New Data Analysis and Visualisation Service

The Data Library now has an SDA server (Survey Documentation and Analysis), and is ready to load numeric data files for access by either University of Edinburgh users only, or ‘the world’. Data Library staff are eager to assist teachers in making teaching datasets available, or to help create and deliver hands-on learning exercises for groups of students.

Research Data MANTRA online course: 4th release

The Research Data MANTRA course is an open, online training course that provides instruction in good practice in research data management.

GeoForum 2014

Academics and librarians from around the UK gathered here at the University of Edinburgh on the 19th of June for EDINA’S GeoForum 2014, which saw some very lively discussions and software demonstrations. EDINA develops and hosts resources, tools and services for researchers from all UK higher education institutions. Their tools for the generation and the analysis of geographically-referenced data are very popular with University of Edinburgh users.

Eurostat microdata access for empirical research

University of Edinburgh has recently received approval as a Eurostat recognized research entity. This represents the first step for University of Edinburgh faculty, staff and students to gain access to significant Eurostat microdata files such as the Labour Force Survey (EU LFS), Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC), as well as other surveys on education, health, transportation, enterprise, innovation, etc., for empirical research. Researchers will still need to fill out a Research proposal application, and once approved, sign individual confidentiality declarations. Research proposals should be submitted via the Data Library (