Information Services

Scoping Statistical Analysis Support

This 2017 IS Innovation Fund project aimed to identify gaps in statistical analysis training provision and the potential role of the Data Library in addressing these gaps.

The focus was on understanding how statistical analysis support is conducted across University of Edinburgh Schools; scoping existing support mechanisms and models for students, researchers and teachers; identifying services and support that would satisfy existing or future demand.

The objectives of the project were as follows:

  • To survey University of Edinburgh research students to find out what statistical analysis support is known to be available, what statistical analysis support they need, and what tools and resources they use.
  • To engage with and interview faculty (researchers and teachers) focusing on perceived needs for quantitative methods support for their own research and that of their students.
  • To report on findings from both survey and interviews to inform future planning of statistical analysis support within IS and the University.
  • To liaise with internal and external stakeholders including researchers, data producers, data service providers, support and administrative staff.
  • To support and promote the Data Library service as appropriate.


The findings and recommendations can be read in the final report: