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This page is a record of project deliverables. New developments (post-project) will be recorded on the course home and about pages. MANTRA is now maintained as a service.

Project reports


Poster presentation: IASSIST 2012, George Washington University, Washington DC - 6 June 2012, Anne Donnelly & Stuart Macdonald

MANTRA Research Data Management Training - A5 flyer

Jorum (learning object repository) Featured Resource, April 2012

Jorum guest blog post, 26 March, 2012

ALISS Quarterly, Volume 7 no.2, January 2012, Cuna Ekmekcioglu

Workshop organiser and presentation: Delivering Postgraduate Training for Research Data Management, IDCC, Bristol - 5 December 2011, Robin Rice

Invited presentation: International Digital Curation Conference, Bristol - 5 December 2011, Jeff Haywood

Invited Discussant: JISC MRD 2 Programme: Policy development, University of Nottingham - 1-2 December 2011, Robin Rice

Webinar: RECOLECTA Research Data Management Seminar Series - 24 November 2011, Stuart Macdonald

JISC news: Open resource to support PhD scholars with research data management - 28 October 2011

BITS newsletter, Autumn 2011 (p. 10) [PDF]

Presentation: Research Data Management Seminar, The Open University - 21 October 2011, Robin Rice

University of Edinburgh news item, 17 November 2011

Project MANTRA new release, 17 October 2011, Digital Curation Centre

Presentation: Research Data MANTRA (Management Training) online course launch, AQMeN event - 10 October 2011, Robin Rice

Presentation: MANTRA and Open Educational Resources, AQMeN event - 10 October 2011, Stuart Macdonald

Presentation: Research Data MANTRA demo, AQMeN event - 10 October 2011, Cuna Ekmekcioglu

Journal article: International Journal of Digital Curation, 6 (2), 2011, Robin Rice & Jeff Haywood

Presentation: Research Integrity Conference, London - 13 September 2011, Jeff Haywood

Presentation: DCC Roadshow, University of Glasgow - 24 June 2011, Robin Rice

Presentation: IASSIST 2011, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver - 3 June 2011, Robin Rice

Presentation: Open Educational Resources (OER) Conference - 12 May 2011, Stuart Macdonald & Cuna Ekmekcioglu

Presentation: JISC MRD International programme workshop - 28-29 March, 2011, Cuna Ekmekcioglu

Presentation: Library Roles in Research Data Management local event - 22 March 2011, Robin Rice

Conference paper: International Digital Curation Centre conference - 6-8 December 2010, Robin Rice & Jeff Haywood

Presentation: JISC MRD programme meeting - 22 October, 2010, Robin Rice

Software modules

In order to provide course material in data handling within particular software environments, four software modules are being written by commissioned authors, based on the needs assessment with the doctoral programmes. These will be stand-alone practical exercises, designed to be printed and worked through in a computer lab or workstation. They are designed to take an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

Below are the outlines of the content being written, as agreed by the project manager following consultation.

Software module outline - SPSS practical

Software module outline - NVivo practical

Software module outline - R practical

Software module outline - ArcGIS practical

All of the practicals have been drafted by the commissioned authors and are currently under review and revisions (May 2011). Current files are on the project wiki.

Needs assessment

Early in the project (August-October 2010) meetings between project staff and primary contacts in the doctoral programmes were set up to discuss the content of the units and the software modules. Summary notes are provided.

Project wiki

A project wiki has been set up for informal sharing of resources between the project team and stakeholders. Some of the pages are private, but the main page is open, so as to be open to others working on similar projects (such as fellow JISC MRD projects).