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Datateach: The Use of Numeric Data in Learning and Teaching

The UK academic community is rich in numeric datasets. In the socioeconomic field, for example, there are large-scale government surveys, current and historical population censuses, international studies, academic surveys, economic time series, and geographic data.


Numeric datasets are disseminated in ways that support the work of academic researchers and have yet to fulfill their potential in the learning and teaching environment.

Making effective use of numeric data requires greater skill and more preparation and time than printed materials or bibliographic databases; and students and teachers require a high level of support. While some problems can be solved by data providers or by a national approach to support for learning and teaching, others need to be tackled at the local level.

A team of national and local academic data service providers have joined forces under this project to examine and enhance local support of numeric data analysis in learning and teaching.

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1 February 2000 – 30 June 2001


This project was designed to generate knowledge about good practice and pitfalls faced by those teachers and learners who wish to use national data resources, and those who support them. The objectives of the project were:

  • To establish a short-life Task Force on Using Data in Learning and Teaching, made up of academic users of data services and local data service representatives to advise the project and promote the use of data in a variety of learning and teaching situations
  • To generate broad discussion nationally on these issues through establishment of an open forum email list
  • To investigate the existing use of numeric data in learning and teaching through a national sample survey and case studies
  • To investigate the existing forms of local data service support
  • To carry out national studies to achieve these objectives and report back to JISC.

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