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Contacting Applications Directorate

Staff list by A-Z, key contacts, locations and maps.

Applications and System incidents

All incidents, problems and questions on applications and systems should first be routed to the IS Helpline:


Locations and maps

Applications Division are based in :

  • Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh EH3 9DR - Project Services, Production Management, Business Admin Manager, Divisional Administrators and Development Services (excluding Student Systems Partnership) - Location Map
  • Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh - Student Systems Partnership - Location Map


A-Z of Staff

Name Role Email
Adamson, Douglas Applications Support Analyst
Allison, John Head of Development Services
Armstrong, Ben Senior Project and Programme Manager
Bergeret, Franck Senior Project and Programme Manager
Berry, Dave Head of Enterprise Architecture
Binns, Nigel Analyst Developer

Bradford, Claire SharePoint Solutions Manager
Brown, Hugh Applications Support Analyst
Brugger, Portia Start of Semester Intern
Burke, Orla Project Management / Business Analyst Intern
Carter, Alex Head of Service Management
Cleland, Fergus Project Management Intern
Cooke, Susan Data Enterprises Services Team Manager
Cord, Chris Technology Management Team Manager
Craig, Stuart Applications Support Analyst
Davies, Rhian Deputy Head of Project Services and Head of PMO
Dawes, John Senior Project and Programme Manager
Dobbing, Mark Systems Administrator
Dodd, Dawn Collaboration Services Team Manager
Donald, Alan Senior Project and Programme Manager
Donoghue, Peter Developer
Downey, Mark Senior Project and Programme Manager
Edment, Billy Business Analyst
Ferreira, David Analyst Developer
Forostianko, Anna Project Manager / Business Analyst
Forrester, Alain Service Manager
Gellatly, Paula Senior Project and Programme Manager
Glass, Ailsa Project Manager / Business Analyst
Gleeson, Andrew Applications Support Analyst
Granum, Geir Senior Analyst Developer
Gray, Tim Senior Project and Programme Manager
Hamilton, Ewan Senior Project and Programme Manager
Henderson, Gillian Senior Database and Systems Administrator
Hetherington, Catherine Collaboration Services Team Manager
Heyn, Ana Applications Service Group Team Manager - ISG and MVM
Hobden, Andrew Applications Support Analyst
Holmes, Dawn Senior Project and Programme Manager
Howarth, Marjory Senior Project and Programme Manager
Iannetta, Morag Analyst Developer
Jackson, Peter Senior Database and Systems Administrator
Johnstone, Hannah Database and Systems Administrator
Jones, Martin Analyst Developer
Jones, Rachel Project Management Intern
Kaempf, Stefan Director of Applications Directorate

Konczak, Chris Project Manager / Business Analyst
Kraan, Wilbert Data Architect
Lang, Mark Development Technology Team Manager
Ma, Defeng Student Systems Partnership Team Manager
Manley, Rob Analyst Developer
Mateiu, Monica Analyst Developer
McFarlane, Andrew Service Manager
McGowan, Mark Database and Systems Administrator
McGregor, Leah Start of Semester Intern
McKenna, Gordon Database and Systems Administrator
McLeod, Ron Applications Support Analyst

Mewissen, Muriel

Team and Portfolio Manager (USG & Colleges)
Mezeul, Alexandra Project Manager / Business Analyst
Milne, Jennifer Deputy CIO and Director of Applications Development and Operations
Munoz, Fernando Database and Systems Administrator
Murphy, Jason CRM Architect
Nikolaidou, Thalia Senior Analyst Developer
O'Brien, Robert Service Operations Coordinator

O'Doherty, Zohra 

Project Manager / Business Analyst
Olanrewaju, Daniel Project Management Intern
Onyebuchi, Uche Business Analyst
O'Sullivan, Colin Senior Project and Programme Manager
Oyebode, Kola Business Analyst
Paterson, Alasdair Senior Project and Programme Manager
Pennycook, Gavin Senior Analyst Developer
Perera, Suran Head of Applications Management
Pershina, Daria Digital Strategy Intern
Philp, Cindy Business Analyst
Pineda, Julieta Senior Systems Administrator
Pogoda, Tomasz Analyst Developer
Potrykus, Karol Database and Systems Administrator
Pratt, Peter Software Development Team Manager
Richardson, Adrian Senior Analyst Developer
Ridder-Patrick, Susan Senior Project and Programme Manager

Ritchie, Mark Deputy Director of IS Applications Division and Head of Project Services
Ross, Jack Project Manager / Business Analyst
Roy, Stephen Digital Transformation Portfolio Manager
Ruthven, Stephanie

Senior PMO Analyst (Operations)
Shannon, David Business Analyst

Silva, Danielle PMO Support Officer
Smith, Stephen Service Manager
 de Sousa, Amber Project Management Intern
Stewart, Ryan Analyst Developer
Stirling, Karen Senior Project and Programme Manager
Subramanian, Seethalakshmi Applications Service Group Team Manager
Thin, Jamie Senior Project and Programme Manager
Videnlieva, Dimona PMO Admin (student worker)
Wadee, Adam Team and Portfolio Manager (ISG)
Wardle, Eric Business Analyst
Watt, Colin Senior Project and Programme Manager
Watters, David Project Manager / Business Analyst
Webb, Alister Database and Systems Administrator
Wheavil, Adam Applications Service Group Team Manager

Woodger, Sue Project Manager / Business Analyst