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Hear from our customers and partners about the work we have done for them and what it's like to work with us.

Our team delivered a unique online resource which charts the progress of peace agreements since the end of the Cold War.

Our project is a large and complex research database which archives peace agreement texts, with over 1500 documents, searchable on 225 categories.  We have worked closely with IS throughout, and indeed the University capacity in this area and being linked with the right people, was crucial to us being able to undertake the project and win major funding for it. IS have been wonderfully collaborative, and the joint brainstorming over the database design meant that implementation was very smooth, and we knew exactly what would be delivered.  The process also prompted us to think differently about research design in ways that also improved the database.  We plan to work with IS on an ongoing basis, and are very enthusiastic about what has been produced, which can be viewed as They have also been fantastic to work with!

Christine Bell, BA (Law) (Cantab), LLM (Harv 1990), FBACo-Director, Global Justice Academy; Professor of Constitutional Law; Programme Director, Political Settlements Research Programme

Our team works in close partnership with Student Systems in the Student Systems Partnership.

The purpose of the Student Systems Partnership is to develop, maintain and improve the core student administrative systems. An accurate student record is pivotal in underpinning a students academic journey.

The partnership between USG and ISG has been a great success, enabling the expertise in business analysis, development, testing and implementation to blend resulting in the delivery and continuous improvement of services to our user community within Schools, Colleges and Professional Services.

Working in partnership has created a highly skilled team which share ideas and knowledge, develop best practice and provide a responsive service. Our team work together with our stakeholders to hear the voice of the customer enabling the delivery of user led flexible solutions.

Lisa DawsonDirector of Student Systems and Administration

In 2015, we delivered CESAR, a bespoke system for the Centre for Open Learning.  This project is a great example of how we can work closely and flexibly with our customers to deliver software that exceeds their expectations.

The CESAR project team were thorough in considering OLL’s business needs, in order to best replace an existing and somewhat out-of-date system. Where OLL processes could be simplified through improved system functionality, the team were proactive in providing solutions and the process to prioritise and discuss work at the beginning of each iteration allowed for a certain amount of fluidity in both our requirements and the results.

Communication from the project team was exceptional; they were responsive  to any potential issues and  maintained an open forum throughout each iteration, allowing the dialogue to continue, which ensured the system was constantly being developed in line with OLL’s needs.

The project was a pleasure to work. CESAR provides our staff with flexibility, easier access to information and the possibility to simplify and improve internal OLL processes.

Jemma WallaceCentre for Open Learning