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Interested in knowing more about what we do? Explore the applications, systems and services we have built, and learn how you might benefit from our expertise.

Our team are responsible for building, fixing and enhancing many of the services that are critical to the business of the University. These range from large,  complex systems that are touched by almost all students and staff to small, focused applications aimed at narrower, more specialized groups of users.

In partnership with the wider Student Systems team, a number of the Development Services team are co-located with colleagues in Old College where they develop, maintain and support the University’s core student and administrative systems.  You can find out more about the systems they are responsible for and the Student Systems partnership itself on the Student Systems web pages.

The EdWeb Content Management System,which underpins the very website you are reading, was built by our team in partnership with the University Website Programme. You can find out more about EdWeb and the service team on the University Website Programme web pages.

The University's portal for staff and students, MyEd, is another application we implemented in partnership with the service owner.  As with EdWeb, we work closely with the service team to improve that system.

We are also heavily involved in developing and maintaining the University's corporate HR and Finance systems, as well as the University's Identity Management System, which many downstream systems rely upon in order to run effectively.

These examples cover some of the large-scale systems we are involved with and illustrate both our familiarity with enterprise-level services, and our understanding of the many business areas around the University.

In addition to the more complex systems we deal with, we often work with researchers and colleagues in other areas of the University to build small, targeted websites and applications to meet a particular business need.  For this kind of project, we work closely with our customers and partners to identify their requirements and build applications iteratively to get the most out of feedback from users and produce the best possible solution.

One example of an application we have developed in this way with our Law School colleagues is the Peace Agreements database:

Another such example is the ESPA website, a resource for academics working on poverty alleviation:

As you can see, our portfolio is wide ranging and varied!  If you think we have the skills you need to help you, please get in touch.

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