Information Services


Applications Directorate is made up of the Director's Office and five sections.

Director's Office

The Director's Office, part of Applications Directorate, Information Services, supports the work of the Director and senior management team and provides an administrative service for the Directorate.

Development Services

Development Services section head and team leaders in conversation
We deliver outstanding Enterprise IT services that enable the University to achieve global success. If you are looking to develop an application, integrate with University systems and databases, or enhance your existing systems, we are the right people to contact.

Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture section designs the overall framework for the University’s administrative Information Technology services and the components that underpin them.

Production Management

Production Management, part of the Applications Directorate, is responsible for the delivery of the support and maintenance service for a wide range of the University’s key corporate and teaching and learning systems.

Project Services

Project Services, part of the Applications Directorate, is dedicated to the successful delivery of University IT related projects.

Service Management

Service Management, part of the Applications Directorate, is responsible for managing a portfolio of centrally run services that are delivered directly to our customers.