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Supporting women in technology

Information Services has signed up to support the new 'Declaration of Support for Women In Technology' launched by Girl Geek Scotland, which aims to improve equality in IT across Scotland.

Currently only 18% of the Scottish IT workforce is female – impacting not only workplaces around the country but also the economy.

Morna Simpson, founder of Girl Geek Scotland, said: “While 50/50 gender balance may not be possible, having only 18% of the IT industry being female is something that is holding Scotland back. It needs to change and now.”

“The University of Edinburgh is committed to encouraging women working in technology roles. All parts of higher education are being transformed by digital services and new ways of learning and teaching. Our support for Girl Geek Scotland is a valuable part of our approach to this and recognition of the many and varied careers emerging in these new exciting areas.”

Melissa HightonAssistant Principal and Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services
Photograph of Morna Simpson (Girl Geek Scotland) and Melissa Highton (Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services)
Morna Simpson (Girl Geek Scotland) and Melissa Highton (Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services)

To this end, the declaration calls for organisations to commit to:

  • Sharing best practice: to improve working processes, culture and environment to appeal to and retain women across the digital technology ecosystem.
  • Profiling women: either by offering speakers, mentors or role models for events across the digital technology ecosystem.
  • Training for women: supporting and enabling the widest distribution of lifelong training and resources in digital technology sectors, sub-sectors and associated sectors across Scotland.
  • Being visible allies: promoting women in technology by contributing to events and supporting the widest distribution of promotional materials to inspire women to enter into or remain in digital technology sectors.