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New training facilities open

We are pleased to announce the opening of brand new training facilities at Argyle House, opposite Edinburgh College of Art.

Training Room EW09
Training Room EW09

Three fully accessible training rooms, located on the ground floor (west wing), are now the main location for our Digital Skills and Training courses, as well as the Main Library.

Each room can be booked by staff and used by members of staff and students for non-curricular teaching and events, providing the perfect opportunity to enhance learning whilst taking in the stunning views of Edinburgh Castle.

EW09 and EW13

Training Room EW13
Training Room EW13

Two of the rooms, EW09 and EW13, are based on a more traditional training room layout, with rows of desks catering for 12 and 16 users respectively. Each desk has two slimline monitors mounted on gas-assisted arms, allowing the user to view both their computer feed and the tutor’s feed simultaneously. Mini PC cases are mounted underneath each desk, giving plenty of desk space for documents and portable devices. 


Training Room EW10
Training Room EW10

EW10, the third training room, can accommodate up to 20 individuals and has been designed with a more collaborative working environment in mind. Instead of standard rows of desks, there are four small cluster group spaces; two seating four persons and two seating six. Groups have their own shared screen which can be used to provide a second feed from the presenter’s computer or showcase attendee’s work to the rest of the room. The biggest difference between this room and the others are the flip down multi-use work stations, allowing for the use of the built-in touchscreen computers, the user’s own mobile device or a clear desk space for writing. This flexibility provides the perfect environment for single user computer training, collaborative group work and presentations, or for a range of other activities.


All three rooms are fully accessible with wheelchair access, a height adjustable desk, dimmable lighting and a built in induction loop. They also each contain a large VIVIDtouch interactive touch screen, a height adjustable tutor desk with monitor, HDMI/VGA connections, document viewer, microphone and access to the Eduroam wireless network. 

In addition, users are able to wirelessly project their mobile devices and desktop computers onto any of the large display screens within the training rooms – a quick and handy way for users to share their work with the room.


The training rooms are bookable using Web Room Bookings via the 'Timetabling' channel in MyEd.

For general enquiries about the training or meeting rooms within Argyle House, please contact:

Further information

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We look forward to seeing you at Argyle House and hope you enjoy using these fantastic new facilities.