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New Research Cloud Service named for Eleanor Ormerod

We have created a comprehensive cloud computing service able to support flexible provisioning of infrastructure.

Eleanor Anne Ormerod
Eleanor Anne Ormerod

We are pleased to announce that the research-focused component of this service is now available.

Based on OpenStack, it is an 'Infrastructure as a Service Cloud' for carrying out computational and digital research. We provide free and funded tiers. 

Suggestions were invited for the name of the new service, and we're pleased to announce that the chosen name is “Eleanor” - after Eleanor Anne Ormerod.  Eleanor Anne Ormerod was the first woman fellow of the Meteorological Society and the first woman to be given an honorary doctorate by the University of Edinburgh. During the conferral of an LL.D. degree from the University, she was deemed “the protectress of agriculture and the fruits of the earth, a beneficent Demeter of the nineteenth century.” A painting of Miss Ormerod in academic cap and gown (1900) hangs on the Playfair Library Staircase in Old College.

Further information about this new service is available on the Cloud Computing Service webpage

Once registered, you can access the interface at: