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Largest online peermarking project a success

A project where students utilised the PeerMark tool to digitally mark and review their fellow students' applications for the 'Go Abroad' scheme has been successful.

Over the last two months, 1100 students who applied for this year’s Edinburgh Global’s ‘Go Abroad’ scheme were asked to digitally mark and review their fellow students’ applications using the PeerMark tool. Each student was required to review at least five other applications thus making the whole exercise the University’s largest online peermarking exercise to date.

It worked perfectly and we’re completely keen to use it for the further round.

Randall Reinhard'Go Abroad' Projects Coordinator

Randall Reinhard was supported throughout the project by Robert Chmielewski in Information Services.

The online peermarking approach helped to increase students’ involvement in the selection process and made it more time efficient for the project’s staff. The project workflow required the students to submit their applications via a Turnitin dropbox in Learn. The submissions were then transferred onto the PeerMark tool in which they were anonymously distributed amongst the whole cohort. Each of the reviews was prepopulated with three scale-based feedback questions. At the end of the exercise, the full peermarking input was converted into a detailed spreadsheet which was analysed to determine the successful applications.

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